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  • The tech sport revolution will include smart snowboards and smart clothing

    Wearable technology has ignited a sports revolution. These IoT advancements are totally changing how we view and play sport. As a result of high-tech wearables and other built-in tech, it is now possible to fast-track your path to performance and enjoy your favorite sports with athletic competenc...
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  • Arrigoni, a leading international actor in the field of technical textiles for agriculture,

    Hail is one of the worst atmospheric precipitations for fruit growers, due to its often devastating effects. It can destroy entire crops and render plants totally unproductive, even several years later. In the past few seasons, storms accompanied by hail have become a regular summer occurrence. A...
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  • Modacrylic Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric

    Modacrylic Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric

    Acrylic,the full name is polyacrylonitrile fiber, it is made of acrylonitrile copolymer a synthetic fiber, first in water polymerization, after spinning to form fiber. The molecular structure of acrylic fiber is unique in the internal large fraction structure, showing an irregular spiral conforma...
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  • NOMEX Flame Retardant Fabric

    NOMEX Flame Retardant Fabric

    NOMEX flame retardant fabric performance: 1. Permanent heat resistance and flame retardant, Loi is greater than 28 2.Permanent antistatic 3. Permanent resistance to acid, alkali and organic solvent erosion 4. High strength, high wear resistance, high tear resistance 5. No drop occurs in case of f...
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  • Flame Retardant Finishing Method

    Flame Retardant Finishing Method

    1) Padding and drying method: it is one of the most widely used flame retardant fabric finishing processes.The technological process is padding,pre-drying,drying,aftertreatment.The pad fluid is usually composed of flame retardant, catalyst, resin, wetting agent and softener, which can be arranged...
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  • NFPA2112


    NFPA2112 is the standard on flame resistant clothing for protection of industrial personnel against short-duration thermal exposures from fire. The National Fire Protection Association 2112 Standard provides minimumrequirements for the design, construction, evaluation, and certification of flame-...
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  • Flame Retardant Textiles

    Flame Retardant Textiles

    Flame retardant textiles can be divided into flame retardant fiber and flame retardant fabrics (i.e. fabric finishing). Flame retardant fiber can be divided into intrinsic flame retardant fiber and modified flame retardant fiber.Essential flame retardant fibers derive their flame retardant proper...
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  • Aramid Flame Retardant Fiber

    Aramid Flame Retardant Fiber

    Aramid flame retardant fiber is permanent flame retardant fiber, with the following features:heat resistance,high strength, high wear resistance, good softness,low shrinkage, stable chemical structure, combustion without droplet etc. The fabric made of aramid flame retardant fiber has good dimens...
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  • What is the technological process of flame retardant fabric?

    What is the technological process of flame retardant fabric?

    The first step is to go through rolling, that is, the chemical agent is first passed, and the second step is ammonia fumigation. At this time, the smell of ammonia gas in the fabric will be very serious, and the ammonia fumigation enhances the washing resistance of the fabric, but the flame retar...
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  • Whether the flame retardant fabric has heat resistance

    Whether the flame retardant fabric has heat resistance

    There are many types of flame-retardant cloths, and different functions of flame-retardant cloths are required according to different industries. Basically, the heat-resistant fabric is aramid flame retardant fabric and acrylic flame retardant fabric. It is often used in workers working in high ...
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  • Flame Retardant Principle

    Flame Retardant Principle

    The flame retardant fiber can greatly reduce the burning speed of the overalls, and can be extinguished immediately after leaving the fire source. The burning part is required to be carbonized quickly without melting, dripping or hole-piercing, giving time to evacuate the combustion. There are tw...
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  • FR polo shirt

    FR polo shirt

    Polo shirt is the popular workwear for workers in summer. It will sweat a lot in summer because of hot weather, how to make it safety and have strong sweat-absorbing effect, which makes worker wear comfortable.  Here is the selection we Xinxiang harmony textile co.,ltd. provided for you. We choos...
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